Whistler weekend fun

Whistler was amazing this weekend. Tons of tubing, skiing and relaxing with friends! We stayed with our friends, the Prins family, in a beautiful townhouse close to the village.

Bas and Ineke really got the hang of skiing this time.  We mostly skied the Magic Chair run which is super easy, but a great way for them to practice. It was all pizza (snowplow) and french fries (skiis together) down the hill and we even did a few jumps through the trees! Three days straight of skiing and I was fully impressed at the rate at which they picked it up. Next time we are up, we are definitely going to put them into ski lessons. Willem also tried really hard, but getting his feet into the pizza position was a little challenging and after one last big wipeout where he rode over my skiis and caused me to fall and basically land on top of him, he was done for the day and had a broken ski to show for it! We did manage one last run on the bunny hill so that he would leave with good memories.



One thought on “Whistler weekend fun

  1. yeah! you guys look great. i can’t wait to see you ski. The tubing looked super fun! Can’t wait to do it together next year. xx

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