Christmas in Calgary – 2013

Christmas started early this year with the traditions of Sinterklaas who sends us a very special package each year all the way from the Netherlands (Thank you Sinterklaas!!) Each evening the kids put out thier shoes in front of the fireplace. When they awake in the morning, they are filled with pepernoten and chocolates. On December 6th, they woke up to a special gift.

We also enjoyed our e-advent calendar this year from Oma. Usually we do a Playmobile advent calendar, but were very happy with all the suprises that we found each morning on the Edwardian Advent Calendar!

We drove back to Calgary for Christmas this year. Heading out there, the roads were decent with no troubles on the highway. We enjoyed the first week at Brenda and Aaron’s house where we had a blast enjoying the snow, watching Oli and Izzy perform in their school Operetta, and a great dinner party with all their close friends. We also got to celebrate Opa’s 75th birthday in High River and watch a 3D movie at Grammi and Grandpa’s house!

The second week, we stayed at Oma and Opa ter Keurs with Mark, Elis, Valentina and Jet, Roel, Julie and Lily. We went skiing, did lego, celebrated Willem’s 5th birthday, and did a ton of sledding!

The drive back to Vancouver  wasn’t quite as pleasant as the trip out, but fortunately we made it through the snowy mountains without being stopped by bad weather and heavy snow (unlike Mark and Elis, who got trapped in Revelstoke and narrowly missed having to sleep in the lobby of a hotel!)

It was lovely to spend Christmas with all the family, enjoy such amazing meals, and have time to reflect on how truly lucky we are.


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