Digital albums

One of my favourite past times is digital scrapbooking. It started off as a project to teach myself Photoshop, a program that I’ve always wanted to learn. A long time ago, before kids, Tara and I would meet up, spread paper and supplies all over the table and make scrapbook pages from our photos. This simply wasn’t practical because it made such a mess and often we’d get chatting and everything would find its way back in the bags, untouched.

Then I discovered an easier way to scrapbook–digitally! There are many online stores where you can purchase digital products (papers, photo masks, Alphabet ‘stickers’), download them, and then use them in Photoshop to create digital layouts. No mess and you can use the supplies over and over!

It is a hobby that has stuck over the years. I still find myself challenged to take better photographs and would love to work on my writing to be able to craft more engaging stories. And one day, when I have a bigger computer screen, maybe I’ll even catch all my mistakes before I send it to print!

Just before Christmas I was absolutely thrilled to receive an invitation to be on the Creative Team at, an online scrapbook store and community. It is a huge honour because the people who are on the team are so incredibly talented! I’m looking forward to contributing lots of new layouts over the next year with all their fantastic new products! My first goal for 2014 was to go back and finish some of the albums that I’ve started and not finished.

Since I am dreaming of a sun vacation right now, I thought our 2012 Bonaire album was a great place to start. It was funny to go back, even after just one year, to see how my pages and skills have evolved even since then. I probably could have redone each page with new techniques that I’ve picked up, but I decided to just keep it as is. Here is a peek at the finished album which I’ve just ordered!


Click here to view this photo book larger


4 thoughts on “Digital albums

  1. i love it!… you mind if I order it too???? xx
    congrats saar. i can’t wait to see your 2013 album and christmas1!!

  2. Sarah you are so talented and capturing your families memories like this is so special! Congrats, they are lucky to have you on their team! Xo S (love the little “pirates”)

    Sent from my iPad


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