Birthday Madness

December, Janaury and February are the crazy birthday months in our family. It starts with Willem, Loek and Valentina in December, Brenda and Aaron, Bas and Ineke in January followed closely by Mark at the end of the month. Then February starts off with Jet and my mom and finally Chris!

We kicked off the birthday celebrations in January with a visit from Oma Dolphin (my mom) who flew out for the twins’ birthday. Their day started off with our family tradition of breakfast in bed. We included Willem since he missed out on his breakfast due to being in Calgary over the holidays. Then when the kids got home from school, we drove down to Tsawwassen to White Spot where they enjoyed a fun Pirate Pack and an ice-cream and sparkler! We then popped by Ulrich’s house for a quick birthday drink since he shares the special day with Bas and Ineke.

The week with Oma was relaxed and filled with tons of fun activities. Saturday evening Valentina joined us for a sleepover and then Sunday Mark and Elis joined us for a day of outside play with the kids and a Szechuan Chongqing (Chinese) feast at home and cake to celebrate Valentina, Bas and Ineke’s birthday.

The following weekend was birthday sleepovers with a couple of school friends, Ineke on Friday night and Bas on Saturday. I don’t know why they are called “sleepovers”. Very little sleep happened!

This past weekend, we helped Mark and Elis celebrate Mark’s birthday with all of their friends. Loads of singing and dancing and food that just didn’t stop!


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