Back at it

It is not often that I get an afternoon to myself. In fact, if I look back at this blog, it seems that it was exactly to the day, two years ago! Willem is sick at home and I am procrastinating doing all the other things that have to get done.

Lately I’m finding that my Facebook feed is so filled with Sponsored Posts that it is difficult to even catch up with what my friends are sharing. This equates to me wanting to spend less time on the channel just to view ads. That and the fact that I just crushed a pile of Cheerios on the floor with my foot, made me think that I should get back to posting here. I also (sadly) stepped down from my Creative Team position at DesignerDigitals because I think that things are going to become even busier for me at work over the next six months and I am already struggling to get everything finished in the week. I’d love to get back there one day, but for now, I will focus on improving my photography when I have time. Maybe I will manage to post once a month going forward!

So once again, we’ve just come through the busy holiday/birthday season and I’m hoping that things slow down just a bit. It starts back in November with Sinterklaas and keeps going until the end of January with Mark’s birthday. In between are birthdays (Mam, Loek, Willem, Valentina, Brenda, Bas & Ineke, Ulrich, and Mark!) Birthdays coming up in February are Jet, Mom and Chris. We’ve also had Christmas (in Calgary), a surprise visit by Oma and Opa, and a JiuJitsu tournament. So without further ado, and much of this doesn’t need explanation, here is what our January looked like!




So if you made it this far…congratulations! You are caught up on our life so far this year! I’ve also vowed to try to post more to Instagram, so feel free to follow me there!


4 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Sarah, I love seeing the pictures of you and your family and friends. When I see you smiling and looking so beautiful it just makes me feel so happy. Often I see a resemblance in your sons to Ian, when he was young, and I see a lot of my mother in you, especially the eyes.

    I am terrible at writing- shouldn’t be as I’m retired, but I procrastinate. I have been meaning to write your mom since December when I received a lovely letter from her. I’m hoping Phil and I can connect with Bill and Diane in new Brunswick some day to see where our family came from.

    We didn’t breed the goat this year and plan to get a couple of trips in while we are relatively free. If you folks do a California Disneyland trip or even Palm Springs let us know. I would love to see you and meet your family. Of course you are welcome here in Arroyo Grande.

    I’ll look forward to your posts and try to do better at keeping in touch.

  2. Hello Sarah – it sure does sound like a very busy and happy time! Thanks for sharing – lovely happy family photos!

    I hope that we can get together soon, as I have the kids’ birthday pressies…. let me know when would be a good time
    for you guys to come around.

    Keep breathing…..
    love and hugs
    Steph x

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    Client Liaison

    Schikkerling Wealth Management Group

    Phone: 604-659-8096
    Fax: 604-659-8099
    2100-925 West Georgia St.
    Vancouver, BC, V6C 3L2

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