Family Day Long Weekend – Whistler

We have been very fortunate over the past few years, that we’ve been invited to join our good friends, the Prins family, up in Whistler for the BC Family Day long weekend. It has been particularly fun to notice how each year, it gets a bit easier as the kids are getting older and we are getting better at organizing!

This year, however, it was a bit of a different weekend. Last week, Willem got very sick with the flu on Wednesday and was totally out of commission for two days. On Friday morning, he was feeling slightly better and his fever had abated, so we decided to stick with the plan and head up to the mountains.

By the time we got there, Ineke was very quiet and as soon as she got into the house, she basically laid down and didn’t get up for two days. Normally, we would all go skiing while we are there, but this time, Chris stayed at home with Ineke and I took the boys for the day on Saturday. The line-ups were incredibly long (due to the beautiful powder conditions), but since this was the first time out on the slopes for us, I didn’t mind sticking to the Magic Chair (bunny hill) for the first few runs until things cleared out a bit on the bigger tracks. We found a perfect run by taking the gondola which only goes about half-way up the mountain. Boys had a blast!

The next day, Willem had clearly done too much the day before because he was back to laying down with Ineke, and once again, Chris stayed back at the townhouse to care for the ill. I took Bas alone for the day and we had some amazing runs until my legs gave out mid-afternoon. He literally out-ran me! (Now, in my defense, I had taken a lot of Dayquil and Advil as I started to feel the bug and by that time things were wearing off and I was starting to feel the effects of actually being sick!)

Despite the illness, we had a great visit with our friends, the kids had fun in the evenings playing games and connecting their tablets. Monday morning, we packed up and ended the weekend with a fun outdoor skate at Olympic Plaza under a shining sun. Ineke smiled for the first time the whole weekend and everyone had fun.




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