February fun

February can be a bit of a slog to get through out here on the wet coast. The days are still very dark and it rains a LOT. This February has been no exception with a ton of wet days. Fortunately, when the rain stops, we all head outside and take advantage of the fresh air. The positive side of the wet weather is that signs of spring are everywhere! We’ve visited the Reifel Bird Sanctuary and also walked along the Boundary Bay Dyke to Tsawwassen.

We’ve had Nick (aka Uncle Nickster), one of Chris’ partners at work, stay with us for the past two weekends which has been lots of fun. Last weekend was the farewell party for our neighbours, Ryan and Angela, who moved to DeWinton. Chris and Nick have also been busy making a ton of sausages–about 60 pounds in total! For the first time they also made cured sausage (like salami). We will have to wait quite a while for the cured ones to be ready to eat, but for now, they are hanging safely in our shed!

I also tried something new and went out to my first jiujitsu class on Saturday. Fortunately, it was only me, Ronnie, and Dana, so I had the advantage of learning one-on-one which was lucky for me. It was such a tough workout! If it works out for time, I’d love to try to do it once a week.


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