Six Birthdays

This weekend was all about the birthdays. It started on Friday with Mom’s 70th in Calgary. It was a shame that we couldn’t be there to celebrate with her, but it sounds like she had a lovely day and dinner with friends. Friday evening, we also celebrated Chris’ birthday since Mark was going to be flying on Sunday and wouldn’t have been able to partake in the fun. Nick (one of Chris’ partners from work) also joined us along with Travis and Karla (our neighbours) and Adam (from the Point) who popped by for a little while as well. The sushi was delicious and so was the rum! We partied late into the night, and even ended with a bit of salsa dancing with our fabulous instructor, Elis!

Saturday the kids went to BJJ and I stayed at home to clean up a bit after the festivities. It seems that I’ve picked up yet another brutal head cold which I’m still suffering . I drove Willem into the city to attend his friend’s birthday. Later on that afternoon, we all met up at Dana and Marcus’ house for Zeke’s 8th birthday party. We feasted on Brazilian/Portuguese specialties and finished up with a marvelous crème caramel that Dana made herself! We weren’t home too late, which was good, because we were all a little tired from the night before.

Sunday morning was Chris’ actual birthday. He enjoyed coffee in his new mug that Bas had made for him and it was a relatively quiet morning. Bas had an early birthday party at Air Extreme where he informed me that he had burned off 2000 calories by jumping for two hours! In the afternoon, he had yet ANOTHER birthday party in the city, so I drove in and waited for him which gave me a chance to get some work done! In the meantime, Ulrich and the girls stopped by for a quick visit and then Chris took Willem and Ineke to the swimming pool for the afternoon.

Chris has taken to visiting the new local butcher here in Ladner, Lux, and is making a habit of returning home with all kinds of amazing meats. Last week it was schnitzel and beef ribs and this week he picked up some delicious rib eye and, of course, his favourite, tenderloin. It was a very quiet evening to end off a busy weekend of celebration.


6 thoughts on “Six Birthdays

  1. sounds like an awesomely fun and exhausting weekend!

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