Spring Break – Part 1: Peachland

We are half-way through spring break out here. I’ve been doing a combination of working from home along with vacation so that I can stay with the kids. The holidays started with a feast of waffles and watermelon and then we worked on getting our bags packed for a short trip out to Peachland in the Okanagan.

We left Tuesday morning and had no trouble on the roads. Made it there in four hours and got settled into our accommodations at our friends , Grant and Gina, before heading out for Chris’ favourite restaurant, the Gasthaus. We didn’t have enough people for the Medieval Feast, but the schnitzel there just can’t be beat!

The next day, Grant invited us up for a flight over the valley in his plane. It was a mixed bag of weather over the lake, so we stuck to the southern end where the sun was shining for the most part. It was a stunning view all around. You really don’t realize how vast it is up there until you see the land from above. After an hour of flying, we decided to land in Oliver for lunch and then head back home. The kids really had a blast–you could hear them on the headphones, “This is AWESOME!!”, “What an AMAZING experience!”, and my favourite, “This is EPIC!!”

It was a quick trip as Chris had to get back to work, so Thursday afternoon we drove back home.



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