Spring Break: Part 2

Spring break has ended and we are back to routines. But it was a good break. Other than Peachland, we stuck close to home and the cabin as we started with the massive spring clean-up.

Cabin clean-up so far has included replacing the water well pump (a major undertaking, especially after losing a connector to the bottom of the well!…Oops) Fortunately, we have water…and a LOT of it after this year. It is still soaking wet down there and we can’t even mow the lawn for fear that the ride-on mower will get stuck in the mud!

Next on the list was to finish off the bathroom from last summer. There were a few finishing details which are almost entirely done and things are starting to take shape. In addition to the bathroom, Chris and Ulrich also worked on the kids’ bedroom to finish off the window-sill which was a bit of a mess after moving the window before the summer. Now all that is left is for me to paint next weekend.

The floors inside are all cleaned (also a major undertaking after a winter of boots trucking packages in all winter). There is always a bit of trepidation as we clean out the inside for fears of mice or worse. Fortunately, things have wintered well. The only thing left is to do some major wall and ceiling vacuuming (cobwebs and spiders) and all the shelves have to be emptied and cleaned. I think that we may even try to stay there next weekend if the sun stays out.

Projects on the go for next week: Wooden garden boxes and greenhouse covers for the veggies, the possibility of chickens (to keep at Adam and Rena’s), yard clean-up, driveway, seeding, gardening…and a surprise for when Roel and Jet arrive…but I’m not going to spoil the fun (teehee!!)

Other goings-on included sleep-overs with friends from school, egg decorating (including traditional Ukrainian eggs courtesy of our friends across the street), the annual Easter-egg hunt at Point Roberts with Ulrich and kids and Adam and Rena, and Easter dinner at Kuchma’s. We’ve not lacked in good friends or good meals over the past week and for that, we are very thankful.


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